This Page is for Frequently Asked Questions.

last updated 1/27/2017

Use the comments to ask questions and We will build a list and update this page with those answers.

In no particular order


Q: When is the next meeting or when is the trip?
A: See the MyShepherd Calendar.


Q: Do I need shots to travel on this trip?
A: See the CDC and your doctor or a local travel clinic for answers. You may need a long lead time for some medications that your doctor or travel clinic recommend, so don’t wait to set up that appointment.


Q:What should I bring?
A: See this page, if something is not on there that you think you should bring, ask about it.(or if you cannot access Google Docs check HERE)


Q:What is the weather like there?
A: Generally it will be 80-100 degrees and humid during the days, and cooler at night. Current weather can be checked here.


Q:Is there phone service/Internet available?
A: Quick answer is yes, Internet is limited but will be available for team member use at some point in the day. Phone service is available with an international chip. However for the integrity of the mission, we prefer you not use your phone during the day.


Q:Why are we not on a group flight, we need to find our own flights?
A: Cost is the major reason for this in 2013, the group cost we were quoted  $1458.90/per ticket!


Q:Will I have to fly alone?
A: Generally we have enough people on the trip, and with the limited amount of flights into Roatan we have some team members on each flight. Flight information of others will be provided upon request so that you may try and acquire reservations on the same flight as others.


Q: How much money should I bring?
A: It is suggested you bring what you think you are willing to spend on souvenirs and on food while we are traveling to and from Roatan. Teams often leave a contribution to those that serve them. We will be eating our breakfast and lunch at the home.  At the end of the week we might want to take a collection for each of them and possibly others that we want to bless. This is not mandatory. It is simply something that some are led to do. When we are there it is possible you will want to help a particular family that you come in contact with. It is nice to have some cash for this if you have it available to use in this way. Again, this is not mandatory or expected. It is just nice to have if you need it. We can convert the US $$ into the local currency (Lempira) while we are there. Also, there are some ATM machines on the island if you have your card. Traveler’s checks are discouraged as most places do not know what to do with them. You would need a special trip to the bank to cash them. $200 – $300 cash should be more than enough (unless you plan to bring home a lot of souvenirs).


Q:What kind of money do I need to bring?
A: While the local economy accepts US currency in most cases, many vendor require crisp new bills. See Dan for details.


Q: Should I bring my own water?
A: The resort will provide good drinking water. You should refrain from putting the tap water in your mouth when brushing your teeth. You can not bring your own water as a carry on. We can easily get good water when we arrive. I do suggest you bring an empty bottle for use during your time on the island for during the day. I also suggest you look at getting some of the individual powder mixes for flavoring the water if you need that to drink some more. Dehydration will cause you to have health issues. You do not want to get sick!


Q: When do I need my passport?
A You will need your passport at the airport as well as when we arrive in Honduras. Make a photocopy of your passport and carry it somewhere where you are not carrying your passport. This will help much if you lose your passport in Honduras. Also, check your passport BEFORE you leave home to make certain you did not grab a passport that belongs to another family member. This has happened! Also, make certain it does not expire within the next 6 months. You will receive your visa when you arrive in Roatan. I will give you instructions at the airport on how to fill out your visa form.


Q: Will I have to do any public speaking?
A: Everyone should be prepared to share a very brief greeting and testimony of 1-3 minutes. If you absolutely refuse to do this let me know so we don’t have it happen in public. I do understand that sometimes people are very reluctant to do this and I will not force you.


Q: Is there email available?
A: Yes, but it is not reliable. Please tell your family that if they do not hear from you that it is likely the email service and not that there is anything wrong. Try to figure out ahead of time what you need to input to access your email service. The email at the resort is seagrape@hondutel.hn or info@seagraperoatan.com.



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