2017 Trip information

Hello all,

I know we promised to keep you up to date while on the trip this year. And by now you have already realized that we were not able to keep that promise. This was a very different year for all of us that keep this site up to date. For the first time we had our children with, and that made for some awesome times that we would like to share. However it does add extra duties to the trip and this site was the item that lost out.

With that said, we do plan on writing up a review of the week soon.

But I need to hear from you. Keeping this updated during the week is a big task, and takes quite a bit of time. So we need you to leave a reply or contact us in any form of communications, if you find or have found the information within the (Blog) posts helpful in any way. The FAQ and What to Bring will remain and be updated as needed.

We need to take time to review the comments or suggestions to plan on how to attack this part of the project before next year.


2 responses to “2017 Trip information

  1. Always love a way to receive prayer requests and praises during the trip so we can update those praying. That being dais…we know God knows what’s going on and we can pray in general all week.

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