All About the Kids

But Jesus called them to him, saying, ‘Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.  Luke 18:16

Our experiences in Roatan are all about relationships.  Our motive for coming here and doing this work is a response to God’s love for us, and our love for Him.  God has blessed us with many on-going relationships here on the island.  When our team goes into the community of Oak Ridge, we are recognized and greeted with warmth because of the relationships we have built there.   It is also a vital part of our ministry to carry on the relationships that have been established with the kids at Greenfield Children’s Home.  Today was all about those relationships.

As we were planning for this year’s trip, we made it a priority to make sure that we spend more time with the kids.  We wanted to take an afternoon when we could put our tasks aside and just spend time bonding with the kids.  It was awesome!  Everyone involved had a fabulous time, and we left there tonight knowing the kids a little bit better.

Our approach was to have a few planned activities that could be loosely followed as the interest levels dictated.  Earlier in the week the construction team put together bulletin boards for each of the kids to have in their rooms.  Today, they got to paint the frames.  It was quite a sight to see all 19 frames sprawled out on the driveway, each kid expressing themselves in their own way.  It was something that all of them really loved, from the youngest (2 ½ years old), to the oldest (15 years old).

Creativity abounds!  Painting bulletin board frames to put in each kid's room.

Creativity abounds! Painting bulletin board frames to put in each kid’s room.

Many of the kids at Greenfield are awesome football (soccer) players.  So, we decided to go ahead and play a game with them.  They showed us how athletic they are, and we showed them how we’re not really good at soccer.  But the point was to get out there and play with them, and to share in something that is important to them.  We got schooled, but it was a lot of fun!

After the game. we had a water balloon launcher that the kids would use to fling water balloons down to the soccer field, about 300 feet.  Some of the kids tried to catch the balloons as they flew through the air.  There were other kids that were giving mani/pedis, and still others helping in the kitchen to make homemade pizza for dinner (followed by brownie sundaes!)  We all had a blast!

Balloon launch!

Balloon launch!

Richard's million dollar smile!

Richard’s million dollar smile!


Our time with the kids ended today with each adult and each kid picking out a Bible story, and acting it out in any way they could.  It was such a blessing to be able to spend time with the kids in such a fun, goofy way, but still teach them about God’s love for them.  We had a really good day!

The construction crew and community crews both had different tasks to do this morning.  There were some general repairs around the home, and care packages to put together for the families that we visited yesterday.  There were about 20 suit cases hauled up to Oak Ridge for the thrift sale tomorrow.  It’s the most we’ve ever had in donations to sell at the sale.  What a privilege this day was!


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