Noticing God

As we’ve traveled to Roatan today I’ve made it a point to intentionally notice what God is doing all around us, in us, and through us. We’ve had months of preparation for this week, and God has been working the whole time. I don’t want to miss the supernatural in and among the natural this week. As I did my best to take note and notice, here is what I came away with…
Today we saw God in the TSA officer at the airport who, instead of giving us stern looks, gave us a bright smile and handed out stickers to the kids. She was a breath of fresh air. We saw God in the people on the plane who are also coming down for a mission trip, who offered to give all of the kids at the children’s home free eye exams and glasses. Who does that? God showed up in the guy who couldn’t stop smiling in the customs line, when everyone else was complaining and crabby. We saw God in the warm greetings of our friends who live here in Roatan. It is because of the call to come here every year that we know them and have come to love them. We saw God in the faces of the kids at the children’s home, as they ran to greet us as we drove up. We saw God at the dinner table where 21 willing hearts sat, ate food, and were bonded by the common opportunity to be part of what He is already doing on this island. After the 3 a.m. wake up call, the lines, the endless luggage, the connecting flights and the fatigue along the way, we’re all safely here. I can’t help but attribute that as a God thing as well.
Tomorrow we’re all looking forward to spending time with the kids that have grown so much in the last year. Please pray for the teams and the children’s safety moving forward this week. Pray also that we only do what God would have us do here. We want to be focused on His mission, and not our mission. Thanks to everyone who is supporting us in so many ways. Because of you, we are able to be here this week. It is a humbling privilege.




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