Community Day A-Z

A is for Adoration. There are so many families in the Oak Ridge community that we are coming to love!

B is for Broken hearts. God breaks our hearts for the people of Oak Ridge every time we come here. Today we spoke with many people who don’t have enough food. We met one boy with Cerebral Palsy. He had a seizure while we were surrounding him. There are people who are hungry and hearts that are broken and discouraged.

C is for the love of Christ. God has given us the privilege of showing the love of Christ to the people here, and it was our pleasure to do so.

D is for Direction. There are so many kids in the community of Oak Ridge, and it is our prayer that they grow up, become leaders, and be able to direct their community and their church in the direction that God has in mind.

E is for Edwin. Edwin is an 11 year old boy that used to be at the Children’s Home. He is now living in Oak Ridge. We’ve been told that he’s been getting into trouble and is heading in the wrong direction. We saw him today, and he had a black eye from a fight that he was in. We are very concerned about him and lift him up in prayer.

F is for Families and Fluoride, and Familiarity.   After the event at the church, we visited families in the community again. This time we brought them clothes, Bibles, shoes, toys, hygiene items, and first aid kits. We also gave the kids fluoride treatments on their teeth. For me, one of the coolest things about coming back to the same community year after year, is that people are becoming familiar with us. I recognize faces, and they recognize me. There is a comfort in that.

G is for God. God is working here in Roatan, and through all of the brokenness that we see, we also see miracles and restoration.

H is for Hot Dogs. We served 400 hot dogs to the community today. Everyone got something to eat.

I is for Incline. Oak Ridge is a very hilly community. Our team sometimes has to climb significant inclines to get to the homes of the families.

J is for Joy. We see joy in the people of Roatan, and it is contagious.

K is for Kids. I was such a joy for us to be with all the kids today. There were about 300 kids at our event today. They watched a skit, did crafts, and ate hot dogs. We saw lots of smiles.

L is for Limpira. Everything at the thrift sale today was 2 limps. That’s about 10 cents.

M is for Mustard and Mayo. Remember those 400 hot dogs? They all had ketchup, mustard, and mayo.

N is for New Toys. Every kid in the families that we visited got a small toy.

O is for Officers. This year we had a presence of the local fire department, national police, and the military at our event. They heard about last year, saw the crowd, and decided to stick around for crowd control. The military guys were wearing M-16s. Yikes!

P is for People. There were 3-400 people at our event today!

Q is for Quality tooth brushing. Jill used our tooth monster to give a tooth brushing demonstration.

R is for Rope. Dan C. played Jesus in our skit for the kids. His costume was a sheet with a rope tied around his waist.

S is for Sale. We had a thrift sale today. There were about 2-300 people who were able to buy shoes, clothes, school supplies, and hygiene items for a nominal fee. The money that was collected went to the local church.

T is for Towels. We used towels in the foot washing part of our day. Towels were also one or our crafts for the kids.

U is for Uniforms. The kids here in Roatan are required to have uniforms in order to go to school. Some of the thrift items that were for sale were geared towards the clothes they need for those uniforms.

V is for Victory. It feels like a victory to our whole team that we were able to pull off such an event that we had today. There were a lot of logistics and details to remember, and with Gods help, we were able to do it.

W is for Washing. Our theme this year was humility and servitude. We used the story of Jesus washing the disciple’s feet. After the skit our team washed the feet of anyone in the community who wanted their feet washed. We estimate that there were about 300 pairs of feet.

X is for…not much starts with X.

Y is for Yourgin. A big thank you to our friends Yourgin and Brandy, Merisol, and of course Orsy for being our translators today.

Z is for Zany. There are always parts of this day that seems crazy and overwhelming, but in the end, it’s all worth it.

Gathering at the church in Oak Ridge

Gathering at the church in Oak Ridge


2 responses to “Community Day A-Z

  1. Hi everyone!,

    I’ve been keeping up with your daily activities. Sounds like a very successful and blessed trip! Just know that you were also inspiring many people here at home! Have a safe trip home and God bless the remainder of your mission!!

    Mick 🙂

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