May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance.  2 Thessalonians 3:5


Emanuel with his new Cheetah toy.

Emanuel with his new Cheetah toy.

Did you ever notice, if you just listen or look around, you’ll hear God’s voice?  I’ve never heard the thunderous command of “Go forth and do this or that.”  But, as I sat down to write to write today’s update and I typed in the Bible verse Jill put in our devotional journal several weeks ago (2 Thessalonians 3:5), I hear his voice loud and clear.  Let me explain.


The day started out with our normal morning devotional, Led by Gary, who gave us a great testimonial about his walk with Christ.  We then divided up into our sub teams to tackle a variety of projects around the children’s home.  The teams were given descriptive titles:


Community team sorted through donations and supplies brought down from Minnesota.  Many of the donated items will be brought to the community of Oak Ridge on Thursday of this week.  Some of the items are used for the kids at the children’s home.  The team also prepared a drama for Thursday’s community day.  This year’s drama is about Jesus showing servitude to the disciples by washing their feet.


Andrea chilling with Angel, Danny, and Jairo

Andrea chilling with Angel, Danny, and Jairo

Team Swing Set disassembled the old play structure and completed a good part of the new one.  They were the first team to discover some of the construction items brought from Minnesota didn’t make it to Roatan.  They put on their creative hats and figured out how to persevere through the challenges.  They created new brackets and build wooden swing seats to replace the missing items.  They also dug into a ball pit in dire need of some TLC.  This team is on-track to give the kids a renewed play area.  They were also fortunate to have help from some of the boys at the children’s home – who just love to learn how to use tools – especially impact drivers and drills.


Team working on the children's play area

Team working on the children’s play area

Team School Desks build four great looking desks and just need a little more time to build the drawers.  This will be used in the on-site school for the kids of the children’s home.  They had a short break from desk building to measure the dormitory roof for another team that’s coming down to do some repairs.  While on the roof, gutters were cleaned and palm trees were pruned back.


Lori working on desks for the school

Lori working on desks for the school

Team Toilets and Showers prepped 8 showers for replacement valves and removed four non-functioning toilets.  We found out that the boys end of the dormitory had two working showers and two working toilets.  The girls end of the dormitory dad no working showers and two working toilets.  The team also found that a number of their parts were missing and some of the shower controls and fittings didn’t match.  We needed to find specific copper fittings on an island that doesn’t use copper plumbing.  We managed to come up with enough fittings to convert the six remaining controllers to PVC.  The four new toilets arrived and we should be in good shape to finish the installs this week.


Wade and John removing an old toilet

Wade and John removing an old toilet

All in all, the team persevered through some challenges.  God’s loving hand was with us and guided us.  Submitting to His will can be difficult – but so rewarding.


Thanks to everyone supporting the team through prayers.


One response to “Perseverance

  1. Yay God!! He will provide what you need. . Maybe not everything you want and wished for.. but you can be assured you will complete the work He has planned. . The most important is your presence there and your love to those you are serving.. you areJesus with skin on. . His hand and feet. .Praying you have a great day today!

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