Let’s Get Started

We made it to Roatan today! Our team came down on several different flights. The trips were smooth and bumpy, eventful and without a glitch, full of little miracles that got us all here safely. One of the groups had an hour-plus delay in leaving Minneapolis and a similar delay leaving Dallas. The delays actually bonded us with some of the passengers. It’s inevitable that someone asks what are group is doing – which is an opportunity to share the mission. One of our team members had a long conversation with his seatmates about the work being done at Greenfield Children’s Home. The person was visibly moved by the conversation. The customs agents seem to always stop and inspect our baggage full of donations and construction materials. It must look somewhat comical to see a suitcase full of 50 pairs of shoes, a hammer drill, school notebooks, a right angle grinder, donated clothes and medical supplies. Each year we are questioned because, if we were selling the items, we should pay import taxes. When we tell them what we are doing, the doors open up and the luggage goes through.

Emma meets some children at dinner.

Emma meets some children at dinner.

Tomorrow will include a couple Skype conversations with the Sunday school classes at Shepherd of the Valley Church, some bonding time with the kids at Greenfield Children’s Home, scoping out of our construction projects and an evening church service. Personally, I can’t wait to see the kids.

We’ll try to update the blog each day. Grace, peace and love to all. Thank you for your support and prayers.


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