The Wealth of the Poor


In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Matthew 5:16

 Today the community team went out into the community of Oak Ridge, on the east side of the island to visit 15 families.  We were split up into 3 groups, each one with an interpreter and a guide to show us where to go.  We brought the families groceries and did our best to also encourage them and support them.  All of these families knew that we were coming and they welcomed us with open arms. 

Family from the community of Oak Ridge.

Family from the community of Oak Ridge.


The families that we visited today were all materially poor.  They live in conditions that are considered unlivable to the large majority of Americans.  There homes were pieced together with scrap metal, and many of them had dirt floors and no running water.  They have leaky roofs, collapsing foundations, dangerous steps leading into their homes, and not enough beds for their families.  Most of them do not have enough food.  When we asked them what their prayer requests were, however, not one of them mentioned anything material.  They asked for God to watch over their children so that they will be safe.

Family from the community of Oak Ridge.

Family from the community of Oak Ridge.


One man had a hernia and couldn’t get the surgery that he needs because the recovery time is 6 weeks, and he can’t take that much time off from his job.  One woman asked, through her contagious smile and tears, that we pray for her to be able to find a job.  The father of her children is gone, and she is raising her four children on her own.  She said that all she wants to do is get baptized, and spend the rest of her life serving God.  She didn’t complain a single moment throughout our entire visit, but instead she was telling us how thankful she is that God has given her what she has.  Her faith was nothing short of inspiring!  

Family from the community of Oak Ridge.

Family from the community of Oak Ridge.


The construction team made huge headway today as well.  They built the shower walls and put the shower pans in, and they did tiling projects in the school bathroom as well as the teacher’s office.  They also got the bunk beds ready to assemble.

There is no doubt that God is working on this island and in the community of Oak Ridge.  He has given the people here a resiliency and a faith that is so bright it outshines the poverty, and the difficult situations that we see here.  All of us felt privileged to be able to do the work we did today.  All of us felt privileged to meet the people we met today.  And all of us feel privileged to allow God to work through us to fulfill his purposes in us, and in the people of Roatan.


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