Connecting with the Children

 This morning we were greeted with a beautiful 80 degree day here in Roatan!   We met up with the kids at Greenfield, and they all piled into the vans with us for a 45 minute drive to the beach!  This is an event that we usually like to have at the end of our trip – as a celebration and a time to say goodbye.  With the children’s schedules (they start back into school tomorrow after winter break), it was best to have “Beach day” on their normal Sunday.  It was really awesome to see all of them again!  They greeted us with hugs and smiles, excited to spend the day with us.  There were bonds instantly made with the team members who are new, as kids sat on laps and made them feel quickly part of the family.   Those of us who have been here before were delighted to see them all again…noticing how they have grown a little taller, and matured a little bit more.  It’s awesome to watch these kids grow up!  We had a great day of bonding with them, the staff at Sandy Bay, and each other.  Tomorrow we start the physical work of building the bathroom shower, and preparing for our work in the community.  I think we’re all excited to get to it! 

Dan and Destiny enjoying time on the ride to the beach.

Dan and Destiny enjoying time on the ride to the beach.

Over and over again the message I hear expressed from our team members is gratitude for being here, and having this opportunity to serve.  Thank you to everyone supporting us on this trip – both through prayer and financial contributions.  We couldn’t do this without you.

For more information about the Children, see Sandybay Lighthouse Ministries website:


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