The journey begins

We made it safely to Roatan today.  For about half the team, our journey started in the early morning hours.  The first flight left at 5:00 am – which meant getting up around 2:00 am.  The nine of us on that first flight had twenty bags to check – each of them carefully packed to weigh 49 pounds and get around the heavy bag charges.  After boarding the first leg of our flight, we were informed that the aircraft was 700 lbs. overweight and we’d need volunteers to take another flight.  Many of the people on the plane knew we were the ones with all the bags.  Interestingly, no one blamed us.  Instead, it turned into conversations about what we were doing in Roatan.  It’s interesting how things happen to help spread the word about God’s mission.  Eventually the airline got three volunteers and we were on our way.  Upon landing in Roatan, we had a question from one of the group members:  “How did the airplane lose 700 lbs by having three people get off?”  Well the answer was they also removed some of our bags – filled with materials needed for the mission work this week.  We didn’t fret over this for long –leaving it in God’s hands.  The second half of our team arrived at about 4:00 pm and with them – you guessed it – our missing bags.  So our faith was quickly rewarded.

Later, the entire team accompanied Orsy and family to Saturday night church service.  Most of the service was in Spanish.  Part of the preacher’s sermon was translated by our friend Yourgin.  The services in Roatan are much different than what we see back at our church.  They are filled with praise songs, young girls in colorful dresses dancing in front of the congregations, some of the message is delivered during the praise songs, and the sermon is full of spirit and passion.  It’s something one needs to witness to fully absorb.  In the end, it is great to experience how another culture worships.

Now we are ready for an impactful week of delivering on God’s mission.  We’ll be remodeling a bathroom at the children’s home, finishing some windows and tile floors in the school, building bunk beds for some of the homes in the Oak Ridge community, delivering groceries to families in need, visiting a prison, and holding a community day (free lunch and flea market) in Oak Ridge.

We’ll try to update this blog every day.

Grace and Peace.

Team Picture at Kadosh Church

Team Picture at Kadosh Church


One response to “The journey begins

  1. Thanks for the update. Good to hear everyone and the bags made it safely ! Our small group prayed the group tonight with the hope the trip bears fruit in a number of ways !

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