Calling all donations

The last two weekends at the church we have put up a banana tree. That probably needs a little explanation.

The banana tree consist of a Christmas Palm (fake) tree that was donated to the group a few years ago, and we hang paper bananas on the tree. The bananas have items written on them that we figure we need to bring down, either as a donation, or as a supply for the projects that we are planning for the trip.

Now that people have selected a banana, and have filled the request on the banana, we need to collect them.

So please return all items for the trip by Feb 2, 2014 at noon to the church.

If for some reason you have forgotten your item, you can bring it to church ASAP, and they will call the team to get your donation down to Honduras this year!

We as a team are so blessed to have such a wonderful and supporting congregation, it truly makes planing these trips easier.


Packing day

The most exciting time of the trip outside of the trip itself is fast approaching, “packing day”.

Traditionally  this is the day that we gather all of the donations and items that we are going to be bringing on the trip and pack them up.

Everyone packs up two suit cases full. One might contain your own things you need for the week, or they will fit into your carry on baggage.

Things are starting to get exciting, and I am sure the new team members are in a real wonder! I remember my first packing day like it was just yesterday. Nervous excitement for what God had in store for me…little did I know.

I know now, that God had in store me was more God, more God, and more God.

I am thankful that I was called, and that I had 20 seconds of insane courage to follow that calling.

My life has never been the same.