It is finished …

Our work in Roatan came to a close on Friday.  In the morning, we finished up with the bathroom stalls and were able to get four of the toilets installed and working.  It’s difficult to leave the job “unfinished”, but we trust that the next team to visit will complete the work.  In parallel, a group went to visit the local jail.  This is a temporary holding facility with two dirt floor cells – housing roughly a dozen prisoners.  The living conditions were poor at best.  The team brought food and spent some time praying with the inmates.

The afternoon was spent with the children from Greenfield Children’s Home at the beach.  The boys spent time rough-housing in the water with some of the men from our team.  Others sat in the shade and enjoyed time chatting and breathing the warm ocean air.

Saturday will include a brief stop to say goodbye to the children and then we are off to the airport for the journey home.  Leaving will be bittersweet.

Thank you all for your support before and during this mission.  It is truly a privilege to be doing God’s work on this mission.

Emanual taking a snooze after the time at the beach.

Emanual taking a snooze after the time at the beach.


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