A Day of Preparation

We had a busy day – mostly spent at the Greenfield Children’s Home.  Jon led the morning devotionals with a nice discussion about reaching out to others through good deeds.  One verse he called out was Mathew 5:16

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

The rest of the day was spent on preparing for the big Oak Ridge community day on Thursday and progressing on the construction projects.  Donated clothing, food, school supplies, and household goods were sorted and readied for distribution.  A portion of these items will be given to fifteen families that attend the local church.  The remaining donated items will be distributed to the community in Oak Ridge through a community day event.  We’ll be putting on a short skit depicting sins and forgiveness followed by a brief bible verse reading and explanation of the skit.  After that we’ll be providing a meal for everyone and arts/crafts.

The children help decorate bags for distributing supplies to families in need

The children help decorate bags for distributing supplies to families in need

The construction crew finished putting up a wall in the girls bathroom and sheet rocking it and repairing multiple holes created from walls that had been moved.  Most of the bathroom has at least a first coat of mud.  The plumbing is progressing well.  The waste lines are all in and the venting is done.  All that remains below the building is to repair one pesky leaking supply line.  It will be a big relief to done underneath the building!  Back above ground, the toilet stalls in the boys bathroom are complete and the girls bathroom stalls are roughed-in.  We are hoping to finish most of the work Friday morning.

Dave and Rick prepare to install a wall in the girl's bathroom.

Dave and Rick prepare to install a wall in the girl’s bathroom.

Stalls in the boy's bathroom nearing completion.

Stalls in the boy’s bathroom nearing completion.

The other big event today was Richard’s ninth birthday.  Tony baked three cakes for the children and the team from SOV.  Late in the afternoon, the kids celebrated with a traditional pinata followed by “Happy Birthday” in both Spanish and English.

It was a joyful day!

Richard with his pinata

Richard with his pinata

Children gathered for Richard's birthday celebration

Children gathered for Richard’s birthday celebration


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