Roatan 2013: Made It!

Our entire team made it safely to Roatan today! For many the physical journey started at 2:00 am this morning. Our flight from Minneapolis to Houston boarded at 4:40 am. Most of us lacked our normal amount of sleep, but you couldn’t tell. The energy of the team was high. Everyone brought extra bags full of donated clothing and construction materials for the mission. United Airlines limits you to a maximum weight of 50 pounds on each checked bag. We had several bags tip the scales at 49.5! There were a few minor bumps on the journey – unanticipated standby status for a couple members, earlier than expected departures for others. We were blessed to pick Rick S. up in Houston. He had been delayed the previous day and was able to join us on the same flight to Roatan. In the end, we all made it safely.

At the airport in Houston:  Pat, Maf and Cheryl spend some quality time

At the airport in Houston: Pat, Maf and Cheryl spend some quality time

In the evening, we were able to join Orsy, Banessa and many of the children at their weekly church service. It was such a thrill to see the kids again. They continue to grow physically and spiritually in the loving hands of Orsy and Banessa. Attending a church service in Roatan is quite an experience. They have a great band and we were able to recognize many of the songs played. The church services are held later in the day when the weather is a bit cooler. The church itself is open air – with a corrugated metal roof. A cool breeze blows through the congregation as the band plays and young women perform traditional dances. The service was conducted in Spanish. While most of us couldn’t keep up with the translation, it was clear to see the preacher’s passion and the enthusiasm by the congregation for worshiping.

We enjoyed a night of worship at the Kadosh church

We enjoyed a night of worship at the Kadosh church

Kadosh Church Service

Kadosh Church Service

We returned to our rooms at about 10:00 pm. It was a long yet fulfilling day. We all look forward to serving in His name tomorrow!


3 responses to “Roatan 2013: Made It!

  1. Glad you all made it safe and sound. All the time I kept thinking, now they are meeting at the church, now they are leaving for the airport, now they have arrived and I know God’s hand is upon this mission and yes I knew in my heart you were at Orsy & Banesa’s church last night and it would be a late night.
    Today is a new day Mission Team 2013 give each other a big hug and a love and Godspeed! Hugs, Ms. Jann

  2. Hi Everyone,
    Thank you for the update! It is so fun to follow your day and pray for all of you. We hope you have a wonderful day serving and spreading the good news of Jesus.. Keep up the good work!

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